Why Photographers Should Never Price Themselves Under $1000

So, you love taking photos and think to yourself that you want to start a photography business.

You upgrade your camera and start taking pictures.

Lots and lots of pictures.

To anyone and everyone that will get in front of your camera.


Or almost FREE.

Then you decide that it’s time to start making some money off all this work you’ve put into perfecting your craft.

So you set your pricing at $250 for a handful of digitals.

Because that’s what EVERYONE else is doing, so it must be right.


Does any of this sound familiar?

This is the path that so many photographers make and I am here to tell you, this is NEVER how you should approach your pricing.

It’s time to get real.

When photographers are just starting out, they get so focused on getting their images perfect with the perfect edits and style they are looking for. Nailing your images is absolutely essential to providing clients with a high quality product, but for a lot of photographers, here is where their skills end. They FORGET that running a photography business is MORE than just shooting and editing. 90% of running a photography business is actually running the business and this is where I see that most photographers fail.

So what do we do when we lack the knowledge or confidence in running our businesses? We compare ourselves to everyone else or we ask everyone else’s opinions on what we should do.

Stop IT.

Asking other photographers how much you should charge is just going to send you down a rabbit hole. EVERYONE has opinions on what you should charge for your services, but here’s the thing, none of them actually know anything about your lifestyle or your business.

Hmmm… good point.

So we price ourselves super cheap because that’s what someone told us to do OR that’s what we see everyone else do.

And all of a sudden we are overwhelmed with clients that beat us up, undervalue our talents, and demotivate us.

No fun AT ALL.

So why does this happen? When you price yourself in the $250-$350 range you are attracting a budget client. Budget clients are motivated by one thing and one thing ONLY (and I bet you can guess what that is). YOUR PRICE. It doesn’t matter what quality or skill you bring to the table, budget clients are only motivated by your price and if you are within the price they are looking for, then they will hire you, even if your images are junk. And even more, these clients are typically the hardest to please. They treat you like YOU are lucky to have them and that you should cater to their every need.

Is that the type of client you want to attract? All for $300? Is it worth it?

Raising your prices will raise the quality of clients that you attract. Depending on the market, budget clients will typically not pay more then $400-$500. As you raise your prices, the type of client you are attracting will change to a Value Client and then to a Luxury Client. Each one of these client types are motivated to purchase your services in different ways. The more you cater your products and services towards what these client types love, the more successful you will be in raising your prices and attracting better clients.

So you can make MORE money per client AND attract clients you love? Sounds like a slam dunk to me.

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