Is Social Media Destroying Your Photography Business?

We all know that social media can be a powerful tool in our business, but could it also be hindering as much as it’s helping?

Hmm… good question. Let’s examine that for a second, shall we?

Picture this. You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and it’s flooded with images taken by other photographers that you follow. You start criticizing yourself and lose confidence because YOUR images are in no way as good as the ones on your feed. You start to question EVERYTHING and feel depressed.

That voice inside your head says: “How do I get my images to look like theirs? When will I be that good? There’s no way I can charge what they are charging because they are way better than me.”

Does any of this sound familiar?

The biggest hindrance I’ve seen when working with photographers is that they compare themselves to every other photographer out there. This comparison drives all their creative and business decisions and they wind up failing because they are making emotional decisions instead of decisions based on facts and data.

The truth is that you run a UNIQUE business and you have to build it based on what is right for YOU and your lifestyle. We are all on our own journey and comparing ourselves will only hinder logical decision-making and creativity.

So stop doing it. Like NOW.

And while we are working on not comparing ourselves to others, here is another goal I want you to set for yourself. STOP asking for other’s opinions on the way you run your business. Social media has a way of putting a pretty facade on our otherwise messy lives. Those photographers that are giving you opinions on your pricing or your business have NO idea what your needs are. And you have NO idea what type of business they run because although it may look pretty from the social media spotlight, it could be a disaster behind the scenes.

Using social media to promote your business, showcase your images, and tell your story is the BEST way of utilizing these free platforms. But be cautious in how you spend your time and avoid getting influenced by others that may or may not know what is best for you.

Lecture over for today. Now go out there and kick some booty. I believe in you.

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