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“Composed Creative was the single best investment I have ever made. It was so impactful to have their resources right from the start because it saved me so much time in running my business!

- Samantha Grant Photography


Marketing Content

Marketing can be incredibly time-consuming in your business.  Between social media, blogs, newsletters, email marketing campaigns (and don’t forget the occasional Facebook ad) it feels like marketing tasks are never-ending. Save time and money with our done-for-you content specially created for photographers.  Our guides and templates take the guesswork out of what to post and keep you consistent with engaging content that your ideal clients will love.




Marketing Resources

The only way to be effective in marketing is to understand what you are marketing and who you are marketing too. Throwing out content without thoughtful planning can make your messaging fragmented, inconsistent and lead to poor results. We have the resources to dive deeper into understanding your clients, what motivates them to buy your services, and how to create messaging that speaks to them. 





Web Design & Copywriting

Having a professional, updated website is key to running a successful business. As a photographer, your #1 marketing tool is your images, and having a gorgeous website that tells your story and showcases your best work is crucial in attracting clients to your brand. Our web design services will create a beautiful, marketing platform to educate, inspire and attract your dream clients. Web design begins at $1500.





Hey Y'all!

Growing up in a large, southern family, I was always surrounded by jolly women, cooking in kitchen, sharing funny stories of times long past. As a child, I remember sitting on the counter-tops, covered in biscuit flour, and soaking up every word, laughing til’ my sides hurt. Those wonderful women  were home to me and created my love of creativity, books and writing. 

As photographers, we are story-tellers. We communicate through our images to tell the stories of our clients by capturing special moments in their lives. Each story is unique and deserves to be treasured. That’s where I come in. I partner with photographers to build inspiring, relatable and engaging content to help tell their stories and attract clients they love. 

I am a total book nerd and in my spare time, you’ll find me curled up on the couch with a cup of tea (sweet, of course), buried in the written page. Books are family and every time I pick one up, I feel at home. Here are just a few of my favorite books (this week, at least!)

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So, you love taking photos and think to yourself that you want to start a photography business. You upgrade your camera and start taking pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. To anyone and everyone that will get in front of your camera. For FREE. Or almost FREE. Then you decide that it’s time to start

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Have you ever had a peer in your industry tell you that you had to price your services a certain way? That if you didn’t do it their way you wouldn’t be successful? The truth is you have to find a sales process that fits your business goals and your lifestyle. Find the best one for you with our free download!

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